"Discover the Tropical Paradise of Sosua and Region"

Welcome to the breathtaking coastal region of Sosua and Puerto Plata, where sun-soaked beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and a vibrant local culture await your exploration. Nestled on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic, this tropical paradise offers an array of thrilling activities, from snorkeling in vibrant coral reefs to exploring historic colonial architecture. Immerse yourself in the beauty of these captivating destinations, where relaxation, adventure, and unforgettable experiences are just a step away.

Playa Chiquita Sosua

Playa Sosua, located in the charming town of Sosua, is a picturesque beach destination that captures the essence of Caribbean beauty. With its soft golden sands and gentle waves, Playa Sosua is an ideal spot for sunbathing, swimming, and simply unwinding under the palm trees. The vibrant underwater world invites snorkelers and divers to explore its colorful coral reefs teeming with tropical marine life.

El Choco

National Park El Choco, situated near Sosua, is a captivating natural haven that showcases the diverse ecosystems of the Dominican Republic. This protected area is home to lush forests, mesmerizing waterfalls, and hidden caves waiting to be discovered. Nature enthusiasts can embark on hiking trails, birdwatching excursions, and thrilling zipline adventures, immersing themselves in the park’s rich biodiversity and stunning landscapes.

Kyte Surfing Cabarete

Cabarete, known as the windsurfing and kiteboarding capital of the Caribbean, offers an exhilarating playground for water sports enthusiasts. With its consistent trade winds and pristine coastline, this vibrant beach town is a paradise for windsurfing and kite surfing. Glide across the sparkling waves, feel the rush of the wind in your sails, and experience the thrill of riding the Caribbean's waves as you immerse yourself in the vibrant surf culture of Cabarete.


Sosua and Puerto Plata boast a rich cultural heritage, and their museums offer a fascinating glimpse into the region's history and art. In Sosua, visit the Museo Judío (Jewish Museum), which documents the inspiring story of the Jewish settlement in the area and their contributions to the community. In Puerto Plata, explore the Museo del Ámbar (Amber Museum) to discover the world's largest collection of amber and learn about the ancient fossilized resin's significance to the Dominican Republic. Lastly, the Museo de Arte Taino (Taino Art Museum) showcases the indigenous Taino culture through its collection of intricate artifacts and artwork.

Punta Rucia

Punto Rucia, nestled on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic, is a hidden gem that offers a serene and untouched coastal retreat. With its pristine white sandy beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and tranquil atmosphere, Punto Rucia is a paradise for beach lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. The nearby Cayo Arena, a small coral island, is a popular attraction for snorkeling and diving, showcasing vibrant marine life and stunning coral reefs.

Pico Isabel de Torres

Pico Isabel de Torres, located in Puerto Plata, is a majestic mountain that stands tall as an iconic landmark of the region. Rising to a height of 793 meters (2,602 feet), it offers visitors a mesmerizing panoramic view of Puerto Plata and its surrounding landscapes. The Teleferica, a cable car system, provides a convenient and thrilling way to reach the summit, allowing you to enjoy the scenic ride while capturing breathtaking views of the city, coastline, and lush tropical scenery along the way. Once at the top, explore the beautifully landscaped gardens, visit the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue, and bask in the tranquility and natural beauty of this elevated oasis.

27 charcos de damajagua

The 27 Charcos de Damajagua, located in the Dominican Republic, is an exhilarating natural wonder that offers an unforgettable adventure for thrill-seekers. These cascading waterfalls and natural pools are nestled within a lush tropical rainforest, creating a breathtaking setting for exploration. Visitors can embark on a guided tour to hike, swim, and jump from the various waterfalls, immersing themselves in the refreshing turquoise waters and marveling at the awe-inspiring beauty of this unique attraction.

Monkey Jungle

The Monkey Jungle, located near Sosua in the Dominican Republic, is a captivating ecological park that provides a unique opportunity to observe and interact with playful squirrel monkeys in their natural habitat. Set within a lush tropical rainforest, visitors can embark on guided tours that allow them to walk along suspended bridges, where they can observe and feed these adorable creatures up close. The Monkey Jungle also offers educational experiences about the importance of conservation and the preservation of the local ecosystem, making it a memorable and enriching adventure for nature enthusiasts of all ages.

Ocean World

Ocean World, located near Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic, is a thrilling marine adventure park that offers a range of exciting experiences for visitors of all ages. From swimming with dolphins and sea lions to snorkeling in a tropical reef aquarium, Ocean World immerses guests in the wonders of the ocean. With entertaining shows, interactive encounters, and educational programs, this marine park provides a memorable opportunity to learn about and appreciate the diverse marine life of the Caribbean.

Fuerte San Felipe

Fuerte San Felipe, located near Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic, is a historic fortress that stands as a testament to the region's colonial past. Built in the 16th century, the fort offers a glimpse into the island's history and serves as a cultural landmark. Visitors can explore its stone walls, discover fascinating artifacts, and enjoy panoramic views of the city and the sparkling Caribbean Sea, making it a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and those seeking to immerse themselves in the rich heritage of Puerto Plata.

Golf Playa Dorado

The Golf Course in Playa Dorada, Puerto Plata, is a golfer's paradise nestled within a picturesque coastal setting. Designed by renowned architects, this 18-hole championship golf course offers a challenging and scenic experience for players of all skill levels. With lush fairways, strategically placed bunkers, and stunning ocean views, it provides the perfect backdrop for an enjoyable round of golf in the tropical ambiance of the Dominican Republic.

Disco & Bars

Sosua and Cabarete are vibrant destinations known for their lively bars and vibrant nightlife scenes. In Sosua, visitors can explore a variety of bars offering a mix of local and international music, where they can dance the night away or simply relax with a refreshing cocktail. Cabarete, on the other hand, is famous for its beachfront bars and clubs, where partygoers can enjoy live music, DJs, and a lively atmosphere that extends into the early hours of the morning, creating a buzzing nightlife experience. Whether you're looking for a laid-back evening or an energetic party, Sosua and Cabarete offer a diverse range of options to suit every taste.

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